We are a group of 3 guys (Louis, the webmaster, Eric and Tom) with an ambitious project: making the Internet spam-free.

We perfectly know that this is a tremendously crazy objective and it will probably never happen, but we like to refer to ourselves as “Junkbuster Team“. The Internet is currently full of “junk” that is making the access to good contents harder: unsolicited advertising, intrusive banners, scams, spam, cyber-bullying, identity thefts, illegal distribution of copyrighted materials, etc.

The “Junk” is so much that it is impossible to fight it directly: we cannot prevent spammers, cheaters and advertisers from posting their contents (=their “junk”), but we can try to make people aware of this and make all that stuff ineffective. The day internet users will be good at detecting the “junk” surrounding or hiding the good stuff we will have won our battle! Ours is a cultural and educational mission, which will be developed through this blog and some local initiatives.

Important: we are NOT the Company named “Junkbuster” and have no connection at all with the people who used to work for it.

So, that said, a quick presentation of us:

Louis, the webmaster, is our go-to person for every IT-related issue. He did everything on his own on this and several other websites. He came across a lot of spam in his work, that’s why he decided to join the JunkBuster team!

Eric, the mind of the team: he founded the group and came up with the initial idea of the project. Needless to say, he hates spam!


Tom, the representative person of the project. If you drop us a line he will be likely to be the one who replies and gives you all the information you ask for. He also joined a couple of online (and offiline) events in which we plan to present JunkBuster and this blog (more on this soon here, stay tuned guys!)

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